• Sonic Media Inc

    Creating Superior Audio for Over 20 Years

    Sonic Media is a digital recording studio specializing in clear, powerful voice-overs as well as 5.1 surround mixing for DVD. The studio was designed by the award-winning Russ Berger Design Group.

    At Sonic Media, we were Audio Engineers long before the computer revolution. When digital tools became available, we invested in real digital audio workstations and consoles, very high quality microphones, and acoustically controlled rooms featuring floating, triple wall construction (real darn quiet!). We approach digital audio production from a mastering perspective. The result is that our sound files are powerful, clear and undistorted, even at low bit depth and sample rates. We have a vast array of software and hardware tools, and we can deliver the highest quality digital audio possible in nearly any format.


    Digital recording and editing of dialog, including dividing & naming sound files.
    Superior bit depth and sample rate conversions.
    5.1 surround sound mixing for DVD.
    Foreign language translations (Spanish, Russian, & French).
    In-House professional voice talent (English and Spanish)
    Voice prompts in all standard formats for multimedia, as well as telecommunications.
    Audio files delivered quickly via ftp.